Hoboken Parks & Playgrounds

Hoboken residents are lucky to have a variety of great parks and playgrounds scattered throughout our mile-square city. Venture beyond your local park and explore something new!

Whether you’ve been here for years or are new to town and want to get acquainted with what Hoboken has to offer, here is a guide to our city's parks.

Midtown and Downtown Parks

Church Square Park
Address:  Garden Street between 4th and 5th Streets
Covering two square blocks, this popular park is often a hub of community activity.  With four separate playground areas (including a gated infant playground and a gated toddler playground), a sprinkler area turned on in the summer, basketball courts, ping pong tables, chess tables, a covered gazebo, an astroturf area and plenty of grassy areas, Church Square Park is a great place to keep the family busy.

Stevens Park
Address:  Hudson Street between 4th and 5th Streets
This park has small playground areas with a sprinkler section turned on during the summer.  It also has plenty of grassy areas and a great view of the Baseball Field.

Sinatra Park
Address:  Sinatra Drive between 4th and 5th Streets
This area of Hoboken includes a Soccer Field, the Outdoor Amphitheater and a kayak launching area.

Castle Point Skate Park
Address: Sinatra Drive near 8th Street
This Skateboarding Park can be used by all ages, but it's also a great place to just watch the more experienced skateboarders work on their skills!

Pier C Park
Location: Sinatra Drive near 4th Street
This park along the water includes play areas, a giant slide, sand and water play areas, a fishing pier and a spacious promenade.

Pier A
Address:  100 Sinatra Drive
This popular destination along the Hoboken waterfront includes a great lawn, a gazebo, and fishing.

Madison Street Park
Address: 300 Madison Street
This gated park includes playground equipment, two swing sets and sprinklers in the summer.

Jefferson Park
Address:  Jefferson Street between 1st and 2nd Streets
This downtown pocket park is located next to the Boys and Girls Club building.

Multi Service Center
Address:  Adams Street between 1st and 2nd Streets
The Multi Service Center has a large outdoor roller rink as well as basketball hoops.

Community Garden Park
Address: Jackson Street and 3rd Street
This park near the Community Gardens includes gated playgrounds.

Jackson Street Park
Address: 120 Jackson Street
This well-shaded, gated playground includes a playground and sprinklers that are turned on during the summer.

Uptown Parks

Columbus Park
Address: Clinton Street between 9th and 10th Streets
This spacious park includes two gated playgrounds, basketball courts, tennis courts and lots of green grass space.

Elysian Park
Address: Hudson Street between 10th and 11th Streets
This popular park includes two gated playgrounds, a basketball court and lots of open grass space.  Sprinklers are turned on during the summer.

Maxwell Place Park
Address:  11th Street along the Water
This park along the waterfront includes a gated playground area, picnic tables, swings, open grass and a beach area.

Shipyard Park
Address:  1 14th Street
This grassy area is often used for family-friendly summer concerts.

Harborside Park
Address:  1501 Park Avenue
This park includes two gated playgrounds with a shaded gazebo between them as well as an adjacent open grass field.

Legion Park
Address: 1225 Willow Avenue
This gated pocket park on Willow Street includes a playground and is well-shaded.

1600 Park
Address:  16th Street and Park Avenue
This multi-use field is used for many Hoboken sports programs.  There's also a Slide Hill with two giant slides in the area as well.





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