Harbor Haven Day Camp

Success, confidence, self-esteem. These tenets are important at any summer camp, but are part of the mission statement for Harbor Haven, a camp experience for children with mild special needs.

“Harbor Haven isn’t just a ‘camp,’” says Robyn Tanne, director and co-founder. “It’s truly a comprehensive summer program with camp activities, as well as academic reinforcement, social skills training and speech and occupational therapies. These special components make it a way to bridge the gap between school years for children and teens with mild special needs. All ‘under one sky,’ we can attend to the total summer needs of our attendees.”

Harbor Haven launched in 1996 to focus on kids with ADHD, high-functioning autism, communication and learning challenges and other non-physical disabilities. Seven weeks of camp are open to kids ages 3-15 with unique programs for 16- to 18-year-olds. There’s a twoweek minimum, and as a special reverse inclusion feature, non-special needs siblings of campers can attend for 1-2 weeks at no cost.

“We celebrate the whole child and work hard to help our campers achieve goals socially, physically and emotionally,” she says. “The professional yet casual atmosphere is recreated year after year, and ensures a positive dynamic and motivating environment.”

Activities include sports, swimming, creative/performing arts, academic reinforcement, technology training, social skills and more. Field trips and special events punctuate each week with an exclamation point!

“We’re extremely proud of the comprehensive nature of our program,” Tanne says. That’s because inclusion here means success, confidence and self-esteem.

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