Schools Outside of Hoboken

The city of Hoboken offers a variety of public, charter and private school options for your children.  Click here for our comprehensive list of Hoboken schools.

Additionally, there are also many excellent private and charter school options for your children in the towns surrounding Hoboken. These schools have also attended our annual HFA All Schools Open House Event.

Looking for more specific details for each school? Become a member and get our HFA School Grid. The Hoboken Family Alliance organizes an All Schools Open House Event every October and our School Grid, which includes information such as ages/grades served, class schedule, class sizes, tuition, teaching philosophy, open house and tour dates, application deadlines and special needs services for over 40 daycares and schools in the area, will help you navigate the educational options for your children.


French American Academy of Jersey City
Address: 209 3rd Street, Jersey City
Phone: 201-338-8320
Head of School: Sophie Gueguen
Admissions Contact: Cathy Joly,
Grades: Nursery (age 2.5 years) - 4th Grade

Hamilton Park Montessori
Address: 1 McWilliams Place, Jersey City
Phone: 201-533-1910
Head of School: Alexa Huxel
Admissions Contact:
Grades: Ages 2.5 years - 6th Grade

Hudson Montessori
Address: 10 Regent Street, Jersey City
Phone: 201-516-0700
Head of School: Grace Jolly
Admissions Contact: Maki Vilomar,
Grades: 2's Program - Age 6 years

Ivy Primary Prep
Address: 675 Monmouth St, Jersey City
Phone: 201-743-9190
Admissions Contact:
Grades: Pre-K2 - Kindergarten

Park Prep Academy
Address: 519 Central Avenue, Jersey City
Phone: 201-217-0202
Head of School: Justine Wanat
Admissions Contact:
Grades: Ages 2 years - Age 5 years (preschool)

Stevens Cooperative School (Newport Campus)
Address: 100 River Drive South, Jersey City
Phone: 201-626-4020
Head of School: Segio Alati
Admissions Contact: Nancy Rossi,
Grades: Kindergarten - 8th Grade

The Brunswick School
Address: 189 Brunswick School, Jersey City
Phone: 201-420-1550
Head of School: Jillian Hernandez
Admissions Contact:
Grades: Ages 6 months - Kindergarten

The Ethical Community Charter School
Address: 95 Broadway, Jersey City
Phone: 201-984-4151
Head of School: Marta Bergamini
Admissions Contact:
Grades: Kindergarten - 7th Grade
(expanding to 8th Grade beginning 2016-2017 school year)

The Scandinavian School of Jersey City
Address for 2's & 3's programs: 513 Manila Avenue, Jersey City
Address for 1's, PreK & K programs: 210 9th Street, Jersey City
Phone: 201-420-6792 (Manila Ave location) / 201-420-8111 (9th St. location)
Head of School: Maria Germerud-Sharp
Admissions Contact:
Grades: Ages 1.5 years - Age 6 years (1's Program - Kindergarten)

Viaquenti Academy
Address for SoHo West location: 837 Jersey Avenue, Jersey City
Address for The Village location: 285 Newark Avenue, Jersey City
Phone: 201-222-0033
Head of School: Charlotte O'Hara (SoHo West) / Rachael O'Hara (The Village)
Admissions Contact:
Grades: Age 3 months - 2nd Grade

Waterfront Montessori
Address: 150 Warren Street, Suites 108 & 200
Phone: 201-333-5600
Head of School: Karen Westman
Grades: Ages 2 years - 8th Grade


Dwight-Englewood School
Address: 315 East Palisades Avenue, Englewood
Phone: 201-659-9500
Head of School: Dr. Rodney DeJarnett
Admissions Contact: Helen Jerome,
Grades: PreK3 - 12th Grade

Solomon Schechter Day School of Bergen County
Address: 275 McKinley Avenue, New Milford
Phone: 201-262-9898
Head of School: Ruth Gafni
Admissions Contact: Sarah Sokolic,
Grades: PreK3 - 8th Grade

The Elisabeth Morrow School
Address: 435 Lydecker Street, Englewood
Phone: 201-568-5566
Head of School: Aaron C. Cooper
Admissions Contact: Kathleen Visconti,
Grades: PreK3 - 8th Grade


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