Chess, Math, Science & Coding Classes


AlphaMinds Academy
Address: The Hudson School (601 Park Avenue) and Boys & Girls Club of Hudson County (18 Park Avenue, Jersey City)
Phone: 201-844-8535
Offers beginner, intermediate and advanced level chess classes for children in preK through 12th Grade.  Chess tournaments. International chess curriculum with proven results.  Registered with the US Chess Federation.

101 Discoveries
Address: Museum of Russian Art (80 Grand Street, Jersey City) and Boys & Girls Club of Hudson County (18 Park Avenue, Jersey City)
Phone: 201-677-8101
Offers beginner, intermediate and competitive level chess classes for children in Kindergarten-8th Grade.


Mathnasium of Hoboken
Address: 706 Washington Street
Phone: 201-683-7030
Provides math tutoring and homework help to students in Kindergarten-12th Grade.

AlphaMinds Academy
Address: The Hudson School (601 Park Avenue)
Phone: 201-844-8535
Mathematics classes for K-8th Graders that are taught using "Singapore Math" as the main method. The Singapore Math method emphasizes understanding of a problem and its solution rather than the "memorize and drill" approach often employed by other methods.  Offers Small classes, individualized approach, advanced and remedial groups, test preparation. Our Logic classes for 3-5 year olds concentrate on developing critical thinking, reasoning and logic skills in pre-schoolers and introduces them to the basics of arithmetics and mathematical concepts.


Mad Science
Address: 720 Monroe Street, Ste E-314B
Phone: 973-542-8366
Offers Kids' Lab and School Break Camps featuring unique hands-on science experiments for kids in Kindergarten-6th Grade.

AlphaMinds Academy
Address: The Hudson School  (601 Park Avenue)
Phone:  201-844-8535
Science and Engineering course specifically designed for elementary and middle school students where students engage in working on engineering projects that are based on real-world technologies and problems. Children learn how to form hypotheses, test their ideas, document their experiments, observe the results and make conclusions.

S.T.E.A.M. Club at the Hoboken Public Library
Address: Hoboken Public Library (500 Park Avenue)
Phone: 201-420-2348
Weekly Club for children ages 8-12 years-old interested in participating in science, technology, engineering, art, and math activities.


AlphaMinds Academy
Address: The Hudson School (601 Park Ave Hoboken) and Boys & Girls Club (18 Park Ave Jersey City)
Phone: 201-844-8535
Scratch Coding Classes for children 7-14 years old.
Designed by MIT students and aimed at children ages 7 to 14, this easy-to-use programming language lets kids build almost anything they can dream, creating stories, games and animations with stackable programming blocks!  Students master the intuitive user interface of Scratch and learn the functions of the most important blocks, which beneath their friendly appearance represent important computer programming functions.
Python classes for students in grade 5 and older.
Beginners and Advanced groups.  Python is a powerful, expressive programming language that’s easy to learn and fun to use!  Our Python for Beginners course brings Python to life and brings our students into the world of programming. Our instructors will guide students through the basics of coding with Python, as they learn how to design and program their own games.
Web Design classes for students in grade 5 and older.
In this class, students will venture and code in various languages such as HTML/CSS, Javascript, Processing and Java throughout the year.  Projects include creating a website, CSS Art, interactivity with Javascript and visuals with Processing and Java.

Address: classes held in After-school programs including All Saints, Steven's Co-op, etc. Private classes also offered.
Phone: 917-819-CODE
Offers fun, interactive coding and robotic classes to introduce coding concepts to 1st-8th graders. Kids have a blast creating animations, 3D video games, and LEGO robots!

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