We curate a wealth of resources related to family content in the Hoboken area including activities, schools, special needs, and more.

Education Resources

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Hoboken Schools Grid

Explore our School Grids, which includes information such as ages/grades served, class schedule, class sizes, and more!

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Picking The Best School

School open house season has officially begun, which means many parents are now deciding where to send their children. Here are some questions to ask.

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Schools Outside of Hoboken

Explore private and charter school options for your children in the towns surrounding Hoboken.

Special Needs Resources

Activity Resources

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Places to Visit with Kids

There are so many places to visit with kids in Hoboken and our neighboring areas. Here is just a sampling of some popular options...

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Story Times and Puppet Shows

Check out this great collection of weekly story time programs that are highly interactive and entertainig for children.

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Hoboken Sports Programs

HFA recommends checking out the athletic programs offered year-round by the City of Hoboken's Recreation Division.