Mutzfest 2024 FAQ


What is Mutzfest?

Mutzfest is a special day in Sunday in which the best Mutzmakers from Hoboken (+ one guest from Lyndhurst) gather as part of a community celebration of people, small business and mozzarella! Doors open at 1 PM for General Admission guests and at Noon for VIP guests.

When did it start? 

It began in January 2013 as a means to help raise money for Hoboken Bike Camp. The first Hoboken Bike Camp ran in the summer of 2012 and the special needs director at the time, Theresa Howard, needed to find a way to cover the expense for next camp. One morning running along the Hudson River she thought: everyone in Hoboken says they have the best mutz. But who really does? Only the first three years of Hoboken Mutzfest was a competition. Then we shifted gears and made it a celebration of our city’s best mutz!

How much are tickets and what do I get? 

Tickets are $50 for General Admission and $100 for VIP. All tickets provide access to six eateries with generous tasting portions for all. VIP tickets, solid in a limited quantity of 100, provide early access to the event and beer and wine. Plus proceeds go to the Hoboken Family Alliance, the community not-for-profit that organizes the event. 

Can I stay for the whole time? 

Yes, your ticket provides you access for the duration of the event. Some people stay for the entire time. Some stop in for an hour or two. Some people don’t want to leave. But if you do leave, there is no re-entry. 

What time should I arrive?

If you purchase a General Admission ticket you can begin arriving at 12:30. If you have a VIP ticket you can begin arriving at 11:30. However, entry times will begin as noted previously 1 PM entry for General Admission and Noon entry for VIP.

Where is the entry?

Entry for General Admission is at 14/Adams at the 14th St. Viaduct Park. Entry for VIP is at the corner of 14/Grand on the west side of the Park. 

Where should I park?

Well, you know it’s in Hoboken and parking is tough. So we suggest mass transit where possible, walk or if you drive park in a lot. The closest is Park & Garden at 1450 Garden. St. 

What if my plans change and I can no longer make it?

If you can no longer make it we’re sorry you’ll miss out on the fun. You can certainly notify us an non-ticket holders would appreciate it but we would be unable to refund your purchase. Mutzfest is no-refund event. 

Are tickets available at the door? 

Sometimes. Maybe. But we really never know. It’s a function of capacity, if people stay for the duration, how much food is left and the weather. Mutzfest is extremely popular and is usually a sell-out. Same day ticket sales are sometimes possible but not guaranteed. The only way to know is to show up and wait - in person, on a line. We’ve tried other methods and they just haven’t worked. 

What is the Mutzfest Waitline? It’s not a waitlist because a waitlist suggests a guarantee that you’ll get in at some point. But since we really don’t know, the only way for non-ticket holders to find out is to wait and see on the day of the event. But there’s no guarantee.

I have my ticket, what do I need to prepare for entry?

Have your phone charged and your QR ready so we can scan you quickly and you get in the door. 

I have mobility issues. Do I need to wait in line for entry?

If you have mobility issues, please report directly to the check-in area. You and one of your guests will be allowed entry.