A Grade Ahead (formerly MathWizard)

Location Closed
Phone Number
201-253-5522 or 201-683-5045

A Grade Ahead summer camps will keep you children learning and having fun all summer long! With our hands-on activities, exciting games, and fascinating challenges, kids won't even realize that they are learning. Math Ventures (grades 2-4): Math can be magical! Matt the magician will guide students through adventures including money, time, measurement, geometry and fractions. Students will use critical thinking skills that require investigation, inquiry and collaboration to solve math puzzles and games.
Eco Ventures (grades 3-5): Hop in our jeep or submarine and explore with us! Students will examine different ecosystems and how animals behave and interact with one another. Through interactive activities and project based learning, our student centered curriculum will make biology fun and understandable.
Writers Workshop (grades 4-6): Become a junior author! Explore fictional genres like realistic fiction, fantasy and mystery through reading and writing exercises and games. By the end of the camp, each student will have a polished original work to share with the class and parents.

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