What HFA Needs:

YOU.  Yes, we need you.  As predictable as it sounds, we need you as volunteers to help HFA continue to grow and serve our community.  With a full calendar of fundraising and social events we could use your professional expertise.  Be a part of this organization that survives only on volunteers!

How to Volunteer?

We work with our board and sub-committees such as the Schools Committee, Special Needs Committee, and New Initiatives Committee.  Do you want to join a committee? See where your expertise is below and let’s figure out your interests.  Volunteer with us and immediately be a part of a historical community organization of Hoboken.

Open Roles:


Time Commitment: 10-15  hours per event

Perfect for:

Energetic, people-person who likes to organize events and juggle several simultaneously. Manage a group of 5-10 people to support events. It requires communication with schools in Hoboken and local businesses in Hoboken.  Help plan some of the city’s largest events!


Time Commitment: 10-15  hours per month; flexibility around your schedule. 

Perfect for: Creative, organized, tech literate and tech savvy moms and dads who can work across various digital platforms including, but not limited to  HTML, CSS, CGI, PHP and other basic web dev technology. 


Time Commitment: 10-15  hours per month; flexibility around your schedule. 

Perfect for: Creative, social media literate and savvy at developing content strategies and digital campaigns to build community online.

Are you a writer, artist, techie, social media whiz, and/or a graphic designer and want to implement change through your expertise?  Website updates, blogging, newsletter articles, and membership campaigns are some of the things we would love some help with!

Would you like to do outreach and help manage philanthropy programs?  HFA has several programs including working in community affairs with the City of Hoboken for ongoing family needs and advocacy and our philanthropic programs.  Key programs include our Community Neighbor Awards, College Scholarship Program, and Hoboken Housing Authority family and children programs.

Special Needs:
Be a part of the some of NJ’s most noted special needs programming and advocacy.  Key programs include the Hoboken Bike Camp for Individuals with Disabilities, all of the City of Hoboken’s special needs recreation programming, and fundraising for dedicated special needs programming.

If interested or to Volunteer in other areas of HFA, click here




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