Project Play Update

Hi Hoboken!

We appreciate everyone who came to our first Project Play meetings last week!!! Kudos for finding the time to speak your mind! And, to those who couldn't make it, thank you for sending us your comments via email!

You are our eyes and ears so we appreciate your input whether the issue is small or large. We heard so many very legitimate concerns and issues- some we hadn't even thought of before. Here's a summary of the things we heard:

* More open space for older kids/ identify older kids interests and build upon that
* Specific age appropriate playgrounds
* Project Management impact- ex. Jersey City is in the midst of renovating Hamilton Park and all was going well until it was shut down. Now it stands empty with no construction activity at all. We must guarantee that we cover all bases to avoid this.
* New/ updated/clean bathroom
* Fencing - safe, sturdy, functional
* Add more swings
* Water park liability- old chipped paint on dolphin fountains and sharp edges on concrete border
* Maximizing play area- increase surfacing and stretch equipment further
* New, cleaner water fountain
* Cover dirt around trees in toddler park (closest to 4th street)
* Sand/ sand pit as play option
* "Themed" play spaces- ie- painted mini baseball diamond or scooter track
* Workout stations for older kids- i.e. chin up bar, sit up bench, etc.
* Landscaping- specifically bushes between swings and basketball courts should be removed- too many sharp branches and haven for dogs and creatures
* Combining the younger and older swings in same area, so parents can supervise siblings who want to swing at the same time.
* Educate Mayoral candidates about Project Play
* Research what Hoboken parks are county vs. city owned/operated
* Contact Quality of Life coalition to make them aware of Project Play- they could be a great advocate
* Replace mulch/plants in baby park b/c some babies are crawling under fencing

Right now, we are specifically concentrating on the two wooden park areas and the swing area. However, that does not mean that we can't bring up the other issues (bathrooms, baby park, etc.) to the Parks and Recreation Committee. These are all important ideas and concerns and we will do everything we can to make Church Square Park the best park for all of Hoboken!

Thanks again for your input! Stay tuned!!!
The Project Play Team