Free Event: Art of Positive Parenting, Presented by Hartshorn Portraiture

Being the parent of teens comes with its own set of challenges and no one gave us the instruction manual! And be aware, if your child is just 10 years old- they are ALREADY an adolescent- or on the brink!

Please join us at the Hartshorn Portraiture studio Wednesday September 19th 7:00 PM to welcome Shiri Rosenblat-Itzhak for a presentation on the art of positive parenting. Free tickets can be obtained here. More about the event below:

“Stay out of my life, but....”

Parenting is challenging, especially in this time and age. We juggle between home and work, while trying to understand our teenagers' behavior and needs.

At this workshop, I will talk about raising children in the 21st century; explore the cognitive, behavioral, and physical changes teenagers go through and introduce practical techniques from the world of positive psychology that can be used with your children as well as in your personal and professional life.

“Teaching children optimism is more, I realized, than just correcting pessimism . . . It is the creation of a positive strength, a sunny but solid future-mindedness that can be deployed throughout life -- not only to fight depression and to come back from failure, but also to be the foundation of success and vitality”.

Martin Seligman, ‘The Optimistic Child’ (2007).

About the presenter

Shiri Rosenblat-Itzhak has a B.A in education and Hebrew literature from the Hebrew university in Jerusalem. She studied for an MA in Psychology counseling at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, holds a certificate in Executive coaching from NYU and a certificate in Positive Psychology from the “Whole Being Institute”, by Dr. Tal Ben-Sahar. In 2007, she founded “Start-in-Point” – coaching educators, professionals, parents as well as private clients how to use Positive Psychology in their everyday life. For the past ten years, Shiri has been teaching ‘Intro to Psychology’ at the Hudson school in Hoboken, and ‘Health’ classes to 9th-12th grades. She has conducted various workshops about well-being, leadership and tools for happiness. Shiri is an avid coffee drinker and mostly grateful for her family, friends and finding her calling in life.